Minimise depressions control by making forced decisions

For the next few articles, I would like to share certain ways I attempt to overcome my mental health symptoms. First, I would like to define situations which put my mind there.

I’ll be the first ( definitely not the first) to admit that depression can make anything hard to bare. One minute you’re loving music at a rate of decibels only scientists can measure. The next you can’t even take it to a whisper. In fact, you realise that you haven’t listened to music in a month. So you turn on spotify, play your favourite playlist and you don’t feel anything at all. Frustrating, right?

For me, this is the hardest part of depression. I fucking love music! It was what got me through depression as a teenager. It’s what got me through my early 20s. I’m 29 Now, and I feel that each time my depression visits, it takes away something I love. In truth, I get frustrated. I want to pummel someone’s brains in with frustration at times, but I don’t because I take a deep breath and my heart feels lighter.

If you ever feel like this, I recommend forcing yourself to listen to anything. Just click on any random song and give yourself one minute to focus. Your brain will take over and allow you to feel what it wants to. Depression is the cunt who hates everything and making a forced decision will give depression less control. Making random choices like selecting music at random stops depression from having any input. Therefore stopping it’s insufferable opinions.

I suggest listening to “in the waiting line” by Sophie barker. It will sooth the soul like a soft pillow to a tired mind.

I’m passionate about music and would appreciate you all to leave me one song you love.

To all you wholesome individuals,

Thank you xx

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