Today i feel proud

This week has been very productive. I have had to battle through some mental health obstacles. The uphill struggle has turned into a stroll through the lake district rather than Everest which has given me some relief. When my depression turns up at the door, i never know when it will go again. It could be around 3 weeks, maybe 6? the one thing i’m sure of is that it always overstays its bloody welcome. recently my depression has been in short and intense bursts. I have been looking for a job while battling anxiety and going outside has been daunting. especially when i have to be formal to people. i started going for walks. Sometimes the sound of birds help me forget the tangled thoughts for five minutes. Forget the stress of life.

I had an interview this week and afterwards i didn’t feel hopeful at all. My thoughts were always picking out the worse which happened in the interview. Did i say the wrong things? Did they pick up on any awkwardness? despite ragging my brain through barbed wire for 2 days, i eventually had a phone call confirming i had received the job. I can finally relax a little better now knowing i will have work coming my way. What more is that i have been accepted to do an exam for an online job too. It means i can work full time. Half at home when ever i want and half with a company. This is extremely exciting for me as i can work around my mental health if it ever takes a dip. Hopefully this means i can stay in the same line of work for more than 6 months. My goal is to do this for a whole year and pay off all my debt.

If you are going through a rough patch please note that patience is key. It is hard to feel any hope when your are depressed but learn from me that if you just wait a little longer, things will change for the better. So if you feel like you can’t go on any longer, then just wait 2 or 3 more days. Things can change!

Do things in your own time

The past month has been a pretty turbulent one. I was signed off from my old job by my doctor and i took the opportunity to quit my job and move in with my partner. It was all pretty sudden as we both came to the decision together within a couple of days of talking about it. We both lived in separate towns and we would travel to see each other. It broke the week up and was a nice routine as we both worked full time jobs. I have been out of work for nearly a month now and i am about ready to get back to work. I have a job interview on Monday and i do hope i get it as it is rather good pay for the type of job it is.

A month ago when i had to be signed off work, my depression hit pretty hard. I have had about 3-4 depressive episodes this year which is the most iv’e had in such a short space of time. I have been up and down like a yo-yo and it was really taking it’s toll on me. I believe i was having these episodes because of my job. It was physically demanding which wasn’t so bad as it did keep me fit. The thing which broke me down was the amount of toxic mentality in the work place. These sorts of things you can brush off if it’s in small amounts. however when it is constantly going on it can build up and become very stressful. The stress eventually built up and played havoc on my mental health.

So eventually i had to leave yet another job. It’s all OK because i got through it all and i am now living with my partner. I’ve been here for three weeks and i have an interview with a job that i actually want. I’m pretty excited because i can finally work part time and still get a half decent wage. It means i can focus more on myself and work around a positive lifestyle. Having my own time if important to keep my head at bay as i can focus on positive activities rather than only thinking about work. It’s easy to loose your head in the net of chaotic thoughts once the balance is tipped, and i have been tipped too many times this year. If i do get this job, i can work on a more balanced life. I couldn’t have achieved this without my partner. Although it is up to me to get things done, it’s always good to have reliable help along the way.

My point here is that you don’t have to carry on the way you are going if you are unhappy. Maybe you feel trapped and lost in life and need that time off to find your head. It’s all possible and you’re allowed the time off to get your mind together. Ask someone at work or see a GP to get time off. You are allowed to do it. It can be hard but there are ways to get around these slumps. I got round mine and it is starting to pay off. Fingers crossed it all works out 🙂